Who’s up next as UGA DC? Would Lanning bring other coaches from UGA with him?

Will Muschamp

With reports surfacing that Dan Lanning may be out of UGA to head to Oregon, that leaves a void on UGA’s staff at the defensive coordinator position. To which Kirby should have to look no further than the coaches we already have on staff, I can’t imagine a 2022 defense that is not led by either Glenn Schumann, Will Muschamp, or both in “co-defensive coordinator” roles. I think the smartest hire here is to promote Schumann and bring up Muschamp to an on field role, but that question will have to play itself out most likely after the season ends. Oregon also still hasn’t OFFICIALLY announced Lanning as head coach, so there’s that, also, who will Lanning bring with him from UGA’s staff? Schumann? Tray Scott? Will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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