Betting odds setting up big pay day for Georgia fans:

Georgia-Clemson is set to be one of the biggest matchups of the 2021 college football season. With that being said, there are two interesting betting lines to keep an eye on, one that favors Clemson:

GA Moneyline +155: Even if I wasn’t an avid UGA fan, I still believe JT Daniels and company get it done in Charlotte that opening weekend. This is a perfect opportunity for UGA and College Football fans to cash in and make some $$

Over 52: All the talk leading up to this game will be surrounding the defenses, but these are two offenses that can really score some points, and with it being the first game, and all the screws still a little loose on the defensive side of the ball, I’m expecting both offenses to rack up some points. This is by far my favorite bet of this game.


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