LSU vs Kansas State could set up for Big Pay Day:

LSU vs Kansas State

As the college football season is winding down, the LSU-Kansas State matchup on the 4th of January is one that could set up well for avid sports betters like myself…

As of the time I am writing this, Kansas State is a 7.5 point favorite against an SEC team, while the over/under is 47.5. I like both the spread, over/under, and hell, maybe the outright win by LSU in this game.

Over/Under 47.5: My pick: Under 47.5, LSU is without its top two string QB’s as a result of transfer and injury, and Kansas State hasn’t had over 300 yards on offense since the US landed on the moon. This will be a defensive battle that could very well go under 30 points. I like the under all day long.

My Second favorite pick in this game has to be LSU +7.5, to me that’s just too many points for Kansas State, I think LSU at least keeps this game within 3 or 4 if not outright wins the game.

We’ll see how these picks go, you can check out the rest of my picks for CFB and the NFL right here:


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