BREAKING: Why OU and TEXAS will never win the SEC

Although they think they run the BIG 12, Oklahoma and Texas won’t stand a chance in the SEC…

Week in and week out, in the best conference in the land, every team is faced with a challenge. While Alabama and Georgia seem to dominate the lower tiers of the SEC every year, that doesn’t take away from the talent on the rosters of teams like Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Missouri, or the lowest of them all: Florida. There is no other conference in America that can honestly say every team from top to bottom has NFL level talent. Only the SEC can say that, and playing against that level of competition every. single. week. adds up, so buckle up OU and Texas, you’re in for a wild ride, I really don’t think you know what you’re signing up for.

Oh and bring your defenses with you, you might need them this time around… oh wait


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