Why Michigan won’t beat Georgia

The answer is simple: Georgia’s defensive front. No, it won’t be JT Daniels, because yes, the mailman will still be starting. No, it won’t be some crazy 200 yard game from George Pickens or James Cook. Georgia’s defensive front will be the same dominant front that we’ve been watching all year. Kirby and Lanning seemed to do way too much vs Alabama to TRY to confuse the Heisman trophy winning QB, but Michigan doesn’t have near the talent on offense, or the IQ at QB that Bama does. So it’s back to the trenches, and a game that has to be won in the trenches shall be DOMINATED by them junkyard dawgs. Dean, Wyatt, Davis, and Walker are in store for monster games. Don’t give up on them dawgs just yet, I got a strong feeling we’ll see Bama one more time…


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